Commercial Offer


Hadassa is the largest manufacturer of wedding dresses and accessories in Europe. While developing your business with us, You will get more than 50 current models of wedding dresses Never Out Of Stock, regularly updated product range twice a year, discounts and flexible system of cooperation, advertising and marketing support to each client and individual approach. If you are reading this now, you are already standing one step closer to the opportunity of increasing sales of your bridal store.


And the only thing is left is to find out how...


We offer few basic options for cooperation with Hadassa of your choice. We want to pay attention however, that basic doesn't mean the only one! We are very flexible in terms of cooperation and interested in ensuring that our partners receive the maximum profit. Our priority is the individual approach to each client.


REPRESENTATIVE - this kind of cooperation means "open relationship", starting on the first minimum purchase and with the further possibility to buy dresses for the store at wholesale prices from a single unit order. Cooperation continues till the day you decide to become our Exclusive or VIP-PARTNER, or if some other bridal shop in your town becomes our Exclusive or VIP-PARTNER.


EXCLUSIVE - You are the only representative of brand Hadassa in your city. Your store data are published on the company website, and you are connected to the marketing support system for clients. This type of cooperation implies definite sum and scheme of annual purchase, depending on the population of your city.


VIP-PARTNER (currently used only in Ukraine, Moldova and the European Union) gives opportunity to open your own Wedding Shop Hadassa in your city! It is the closest form of co-operation with following advantages: You get advertising support from the company aimed at attracting potential customers to your store. The marketing department of the company is working for you, helping to solve all the current problems regarding the development and promotion of the shop. You become a member of all held promotional actions and the first to receive special offers and new promotions. First units of the new collection you are getting with up to 50% wholesale price discount! Cooperation Agreement gives you the guarantee of a long-term exclusive cooperation in your region, and is valid for minimum three years. Such cooperation also implies defined scheme and the amount of annual purchase, depending on your city's demands.


If you have any questions concerning buying wedding dresses wholesale, please contact us via the feedback form for more detailed information.