Dear customers and partners!

   Dear customers and partners!
   The past few months have been very difficult for many people. Many of us have found ourselves in the fight against COVID19 or its consequences. 
   In this difficult time, Hadassa company, like many others, provided assistance to medical institutions and other organizations. We produced and donated face masks together with other necessary textile supplies. We would like to express special thanks to our friends and partners, bridal center MyWedding for their active participation in this difficult time! But as they say, difficulties in life have been given to us in order to value moments of joy and life as it is, even more.
   Quarantine restrictions around the world are getting ease, people return to their usual lives, and certainly we do not stand aside as well. Hadassa company is ready to work! As always, we are happy to produce our designer wedding gowns for every bride, to bring joy and celebration on her very special day!
   All branches of Hadassa are working again according to the usual schedule.
   We are a little upset, though, by the fact that some unfair participants in the wedding industry began to spread rumors about the bankruptcy of the Hadassa company right at the quarantine period.
   However, we want to reassure everyone that these rumors are completely false and we do not think about any closure or bankruptcy. If during this period you received such untrue news, or you have any doubts, please contact us through the feedback form!
   We will be happy to answer all your questions!
   We wish peace, love and prosperity to each of you!
   Sincerely, the founders of the Hadassa company  - Svetlana and Denis.