Plan for the Sand: How to Throw a Perfect Beach Wedding



Beaches are popular destinations for recreation, conversation, and weddings. But avoiding an awkward or unpleasant ceremony isn't always easy, even if you know the risks. Thankfully, any couple that wants to marry on the sand can learn how to throw their perfect wedding by reading the article below. 


Think simple. 


Beach weddings are so appealing because their surroundings are naturally beautiful. Ceremonies held beside lakes or oceans please all the senses, but using too many decorations will ruin the experience. That includes furniture, like wooden benches, and foldable chairs and tables. Make sure your guests are comfortable, but don't get too carried away. 


If you want a theme for your wedding, think natural. Using objects you find in a beach environment, like starfish or native plants, will improve your wedding's atmosphere without contrasting too harshly with the wild beauty of your chosen spot. 


Plan for the sand. 


Sand will ruin your wedding if you let it. It will find its way under clothing, making you and your guests uncomfortable. Even worse, the stuff accumulates over time, which is why wedding experts recommend giving each guest a list of clothing recommendations. Some weddings also have water stations guests can use to clean away grit.


It is a good idea to talk with your future spouse about the dress code. Then, include this information in your wedding invitations, or let your guests know even sooner. Focus on comfort and avoid stiff tuxedoes or flowing gowns!


Light fabrics don't pick up sand as readily as other materials, and your guests can remove or add layers to stay comfortable. Remember that if your guests wear textured material, like lace or ruffles, they will trap sand in their clothes. 


Pick the right date. 


If you don't want your wedding ruined by rough weather, plan early. Most beach weddings happen during the warmest and driest months of the year, when predicting temperature, wind, and rain is easiest. 


For more flexibility, plan your wedding for a time window lasting days or weeks. This way, you can make sure the ceremony falls on a day with the weather you prefer. That could annoy your guests, especially if they are traveling, but you can always update them as weather forecasts become clear.


Focus on comfort. 


You can control comfort easily in a closed environment, like a church or home, but the beach won't always come with air conditioners or windbreaks. Offering refreshments, setting up shade, and giving your guests places where they can rest will help them stay comfortable through the ceremony and reception. Some thoughtful couples even provide their guests gift bags full of sunscreen, sunglasses, and snacks. 


Reserve your beach. 


Finding the right beach isn't always easy. If you don't have a favorite,  find one. You can even search for a beach with your fiance, and use it as an excuse for a date.


In the United States, you can use any public beach for events like weddings, but you should still check with local authorities ahead of time. If you want to use a private venue and don't own your stretch of sand, you can either work with a wedding company that handles beach ceremonies or find a homeowner that is willing to let you use their property as a home base.


Early planning makes a lot of sense. Wedding services offer discounts for booking weeks or months in advance, and you can even plan your wedding for an unpopular time to save even more. Also, finding a date with the perfect weather takes time, and you never know when complications could come up.




Feeling stress before and during your wedding is normal, but too many couples let it grow unchecked until it creates feelings of tension and resentment. While a little stress is good and shows how much you care about your guests and future spouse, it should never overwhelm you. If it does, remember to relax. 


Talking with a trusted friend about your feelings, or doing something fun, are two great ways to unwind. Few weddings unfold perfectly, but if something goes wrong, remember that it can stay a fond memory forever! 


Just like ocean tides, beach weddings can change in an instant. One moment you are dancing with your spouse, and the next you are emptying sand out of your shoe. But just because they are unpredictable doesn't mean they aren't the perfect choice for committed couples.