New trends in wedding fashion fall-winter 2017

While brides-to-be plan every detail of their celebrations, wedding designers amaze with their new masterpieces. This season, first and foremost the dress should emphasize the exceptional femininity and romance of the bride.


The gypsy style dresses, which create an unusual, elegant and sensual image of the bride, are very popular this season. Particular attention designers are paying to the neckline, it is about to effectively emphasize bride's beauty and hide any shortcomings. This model of a wedding dress is the perfect choice for a girl who loves to amaze those around her with extravagance and eccentricity.


Dress in "mermaid" style in this season isn't less popular than models in gypsy style. This design was invented in the 30's by Madeleine Vionnet - famous designer of the French World of Fashion. This style has not lost its relevance in our time and is very popular among the world stars. After all, it perfectly emphasizes incredible femininity and elegance of every woman. The elegant and luxurious train can act as a supplement to such a spicy dress.


Wedding dresses with satin and lace belts are coming forward thanks to special charm and elegance. This detail adds a delicate flavor to the bride's image, making it well balanced and complete. Belts are decorated with beads, stones and lace. Queenly stunning dress model looks with a belt, made of shining stones.


Another innovation is the dress with lace back, mostly with large lace. On the one hand, it creates the illusion of see through, and on the other - retains a certain mystique. Often lace is further decorated with rhinestones or beads, but very moderately.  Dresses decorated with applications of lace Chantelle look particularly elegant.


Unlike previous seasons, designers are trying to clothe the bride's hands in lace. This gives a certain touch of glamorous image to the bride.


A breath of fresh air to bridal fashion brought different mantles of different length. They fill the image of the bride with romance and mystery, creating a fantastic atmosphere and illusion of lightness.


However, choosing a wedding dress should always be taken into account personal preferences of the bride in the first place.