Short wedding dresses


short wedding dress   At the beginning of the last century, some brides shocked their guests appearing on the wedding in short bridal gowns. However, this tradition has gradually gained popularity nowadays; all global brands produce variety of short 

wedding models, including options for pregnant brides.


   Short wedding dress is the perfect choice for slim girls. High girls with slender legs in such dress can show all the beauty of her figure. During warmer months, this model will make bride to feel perfectly comfortable. Rightly chosen short dress works wonders. In such gown bride-to-be looks very coquettish and playful.


   Short wedding dress can be in made any style, conservative classical or fluffy exotic variant. All depends entirely on the preferences of the bride. Another advantage of this model is that after the wedding, the bride will be able to shine in it at various festive events.


   Mixture of a short dress with a long train is an amazing combination of innocence and flirt. The bride in such dress looks simply stunning. This style was invented by famous Coco Chanel. And this woman, like no other, knows pretty much about fashion. Such combination is very popular among famous celebrities.


   Fit and flare model dress looks incredibly feminine. Wide belt gives the bride some special charm and visually makes her waist thinner and legs longer.




short wedding dress

   There is also wide range of accessories for your wedding dress model. Veils in any length can be used as a headdress. And if you want to step away from traditions, you can experiment with different hats. Small graceful hats as well as airy wide models will look perfect and create mysterious image of the bride.


   Shoes to the short dress should be chosen with great care, as they will attract everyone's attention as well the dress itself. Concerning accessories, different necklaces and fine bracelets will fit the image amazingly. You can also choose an unusual decoration on foot. But while choosing accessories, it is very important to know when to stop.


   No matter what dress length eventually the bride will choose, she has to feel herself a real queen in it.