Wedding dresses of different nations

Every nation has its own, unlike others' traditions and cultural values that are passing on for centuries from generation to generation. And in many cultures the bride's wedding dress differs from the dress we used to.


For example, by ancient tradition Chinese bride should put on red bridal gown on her wedding. It is the very color for Chinese that symbolizes happiness and good luck. The dress is necessarily decorated with embroidery, where each pattern also carries out a hidden meaning. The white lotus symbolizes fidelity in marriage, the golden bird is a symbol of a happy marriage, and a variety of unusual flowers are about to bring luck. On brides' head they put on tiara in the form of a phoenix bird that personifies a woman. The symbol of the man is a dragon, and together with phoenix they create the harmony of Yin and Yang.


Japanese bride appears on her wedding ceremony in a traditional wedding kimono. At the ceremony it must be white or red, and during official part the bride is covered with another, colored kimono. Instead of a veil usual for us, the bride wears a special cap, similar to the hood. She must hide the so-called horns of jealousy, which every woman has, and symbolize the respect and obedience to her husband. Obligatory attribute of the bride is a colorful Japanese fan.


Nowadays it is very rare to find a Korean bride in a traditional wedding dress. But, nevertheless, it deserves special attention. This is a very complex structure, which consists of several outfits. They dress up one on top of another, creating an amazing picture and bride in this dress looks very noble and elegant. Colored ribbons are bound on snow-white sleeves that symbolize basic elements of eastern philosophy. Bride's waist belt is decorated with embroidered birds and on the head they put on a cap, adorned with jewels.


Wedding gowns of Mexican brides strike with their brightness and originality. This is peculiar intertwining of the ancient traditions of the Aztecs and the Spanish culture. Bride's outfit resembles the dress of flamenco dancer with lots of lace and roaches. In more ancient times Mexican bride on her wedding day was clothed in a black dress to symbolize her dedication to her future husband till death do them part.


Indian bride's wedding dress is a traditional sari, often red. This outfit is a piece of fabric cut, which is artfully wound on the body. According to Indian tradition, the more jewelry wears the bride, the better her married life is formed. The weight of these decorations can be up to ten kilograms.