Wedding gown of Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly admired fans not only with her great game on the screen and stunning beauty, but with her impeccable taste. Millions of women, who dreamed to look elegant, looked up to her. It is not surprising that the wedding dress of this stunning woman is still staggering. In addition, it also occupies the fifth place in the ranking of the most expensive wedding dresses.


What is so amazing in this dress? It is to be recalled that Grace Kelly got married to Prince Rainier III of Monaco, fateful meeting with whom took place at the Cannes Film Festival. This means that her outfit had to fully meet the high rank of the fiancé.


Dress Creator is a Helen Rose, the costume designer of well-known company MGM. Dress was sewed in greatest secrecy for six weeks by 35 women. It was used 125-year-old, embroidered with natural sea pearls, Brussels lace to sew the dress. If you believe the rumors, it was bought in from the famous museum by her future fiancé. To make this gorgeous gown were used such fabrics as silk mesh and taffeta.


In Monaco, the dress in ivory color was taken together with detailed instructions for fitting, since it consisted of four parts. Helen Rose took into account all the wishes of the bride, who wanted long sleeves and train, as well as high neckline.


Airy veil was artfully embroidered on the sides with exquisite lace. It didn't hide beautiful bride's face, but emphasized its beauty and nobleness. Designer abandoned traditional for princess crown and gave preference to exquisite decoration, made of airy lace and silk, and adorned with delicate garlands.


Her shoes and prayer book were made in the same style as the dress. They were also covered with refined lace and adorned with pearls, at Grace Kelly's will. Into right shoe designer David Ayvans sewed in a copper coin for luck.


He completed the incomparable image of Grace Kelly with delicate bouquet of white lilies of the valley. Well known in those days, the designer Oscar de la Renta was shocked with her image and said that Grace has become a new icon of wedding fashion.


Happy fiancé looked very courageously in military uniform, reminiscent of the days of Napoleon, which, among other things, he created himself.


This wedding celebration was justly declared as one of the brightest events of the XX century. Millions of viewers watched with their own eyes, like a fairy tale becomes reality and an ordinary girl becomes a princess.


After the ceremony Grace presented her great outfit as a present to the Philadelphia Art Museum, where it is kept to this day.