1.                  DATA CONTROLLER

By filling in this form, and therefore by subscribing to the newsletter, we inform you that your personal data will be processed by Hadassa Group LTD, a enterprise located Mladost 4 bl. 444, 1715 Sofia, Bulgaria, and Company Tax Number BG203938025 (hereinafter, HADASSA).

2.                  PURPOSES

The data will be processed with the sole purpose of sending you information from HADASSA by email (or any other means if we have information to do so, such as SMS or instant messaging applications if you provide us with your mobile phone number).

This informative newsletter from HADASSA will be always personalised and tailored to your interests, and we may send you, among other things, information about products or services, as well as other additional information related to HADASSA, such as for example, opinion polls, invitations to events, promotions, etc.

All newsletters or commercial communications will be sent by Hadassa, including on behalf of other enterprises of the HADASSA Group, as the enterprise responsible for the Group’s publicity and communication.

Likewise, all communications may be adapted and customised according to users’ interests, either based on the products and services requested, or based on the data that we may deduce or obtain from your browsing, interest in certain content, or reaction to our communications, among others.

This customisation is partially automated, in the sense that HADASSA determines the customisation parameters, but the technological platform is the one that generates the user’s profile. We do not send general communications that are not segmented through the above procedure, as we consider that it is in the interest of both HADASSA and the user to send or receive information that is relevant, and because not segmenting would not alter the number of communications received, but only the content of the same. In this sense, if any user does not wish to be segmented, please do not subscribe to HADASSA communications.

3.                  DISCLOSURE OF DATA

Your data will not be transferred, sold, rented or otherwise made available to any third party, except to those providing services to HADASSA who perform certain activities for the enterprise (such as sending the newsletter), but in no case for their own purposes.


HADASSA is an international brand with stores all over the world, so it is possible that your data may be processed outside the European Union or the European Economic Area (EU and EEA, respectively), for example, to international suppliers that may provide their services from outside the EU.

In any case, HADASSA will ensure that such data processing is always protected by the appropriate guarantees, which may include:

-          EU-approved standard clauses: These are contracts approved by the European regulator, and which provide sufficient guarantees to ensure that the processing complies with the requirements established by the European Data Protection Regulation.

-          Third Party Certifications: For example, the Privacy Shield, a framework agreement between the EU and the United States that establishes a standardised framework for data processing according to the requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation.


Your data will be processed until HADASSA considers that, via any means available according to the technology available at any time, you are no longer interested in its products. In any case, you can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking the link provided at the bottom of each communication or by sending an email to

When any of the circumstances indicated in the previous paragraph occurs, HADASSA will store your data for the period of time necessary to fulfil its legal obligations. At the end of said period, they will be duly anonymised for statistical purposes or market research, whenever possible, or duly blocked to comply with any legal obligation of HADASSA.

6.                  EXERCISING YOUR RIGHTS

At any time, you may cancel your subscription to our newsletter by clicking on the link provided for this purpose in each communication, or by contacting HADASSA at the addresses indicated in the following paragraph.

Likewise, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure, restriction or portability, by means of written communication addressed to HADASSA at the postal address of HADASSA, Mladost 4 bl. 444, 1715 Sofia, Bulgaria or by email to

Additionally, you may file a complaint with the competent Supervisory Authority if you consider that HADASSA has processed your data in contravention of this Privacy Policy or any other applicable current regulation.

We may request documentation proving your identity to carry out your request, whenever required by current local regulations.